Saturday, December 7, 2013

Creamy Celriac and Apple Soup with Sage

What does one do when given a large celeriac? Well, I decided to make a creamy soup, and it was freaking delicious!  Celeriacs are a bit of an underused vegetable, probably because they are a bit gnarly looking and people do not know what they are or how to use them, but when used in raw salads or soups, they have a wonderful flavor like mild celery.  I particularly like them with sweet apple because they balance each other out, and that is exactly what I paired the celeriac with in this soup. 
I decided that I wanted the soup to be hearty and creamy, which I accomplished by adding soaked almonds.  They gave the soup a silken texture and a little sweetness.  I added sage to the soup as well, since I had it on hand, and I felt that some flavorful herb would be nice and it was perfect with the other sweet and savory ingredients.  It needed little else, just a hint of garlic and sea salt and it was delicious!  If you get your hands on some celeriac you must try this quick and easy soup.  It is delicious with a big green salad on the side for dinner.
Creamy Celeriac and Apple Soup with Sage
serves 2-3

2 cups raw celeriac, chopped (about 1 medium)
1 large sweet apple, chopped
1 cup raw almonds, soaked 8 hours, and drained
juice of one large lemon
1 garlic clove
about 10 fresh sage leaves
3 cups filtered water or as needed
sea salt and pepper to taste

In a food processor, combine all ingredients and puree until smooth.  Serve at room temperature, or warm in the dehydrator.


  1. Holy Smokes!!!!! You wouldn't believe if I said I was at the store 3 days ago and picked up a medium sized celery root on a whim. The cashier asked what I was going to do with it. I responded that I would probably make a salad or soup. So what did I see when I looked at my favorite raw food blog today??? Unbelievable!!!! I'm sure the flavors weren't as good because I didn't have fresh sage, but I used dried sage and dealt. Even then, the depth of flavor was AMAZING!!!! I also used my Vitamix and let it run to warm the soup before serving. The monochromatic picture might make you think, blah, but it truly doesn't do the flavors justice. You were so right to say it is freaking delicious. The soup was so good! Now when the cashier asks what I'm making, I'll be able to tell her "Creamy Celeriac and Apple Soup with Sage"! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe Amy!!!!

    1. Awesome! I am so happy you found my recipe and enjoyed it :)! I think if most people tried this they would think differently of celeriac haha!

  2. I did this today: mine was very lemony, garlicky and not very celeriaky but good nevertheless. The sage is really necessary to lif the flavour!